Terri’s Auctions

Terri’s auction every week image1we will be holding an auction, it’ll show the retail price and then where it says NOW, it will show the LATEST BID (that has been made) it acts like a silent auction you need call 480-969-1121 extension 1 to register. once you are registered you are free to follow along Thursday Friday Saturday at 2pm when it closes. make sure you get your last bid in; before it closes! then an email will go out to confirm your purchase. on Monday we will contact you to make arrangements for shipping or pick up.                             

And if you would like to be a part of our auction call our phone line again our call center 969-1121 opt. 1 and we can take your piece and your picture right online and it can be in the auction along with us! it’s the first home to home auction successfully run by Terri’s consign and design