Consignment Contract

Consignment Contract Terms (Online Only)

Terms for Consignment of Furniture or Goods

  1. Item(s) are consigned with (ST.C) on a 90 day contract and the item(s) stay in your home until SOLD.
  2. Items are listed online with the agreed upon price and after every 30 days, we generally use a markdown of 10-20%.
  3. We do take offers on, if the offer is more than the already approved 10-20% markdown, we will contact you.
  4. Consignor will not be notified when item is out of contract. At the 90 period, the item will be removed from the ST.C website. Consignor has the option to resubmit item on a new contract.
  5. Item(s) must be available for sale until sold or 90 day contract is up, if you sell item or get rid of it, you MUST contact us at to remove item from website


  • Items selling for $5 – $1500 – Consignor receives 70%
  • Items selling for $1500 – $5000 – Consignor receives 75%
  • Items selling for $5000+ – Consignor receives 80%
  • A 1% processing fee is applied at the time of the sell.

For items categorized as mailable, the consignor is responsible for paying mailing costs and send item to buyer. Items must be securely packaged to preserve quality. All items must be mailed to buyer or dropped off at corporate location within 4 days of sale, or it may jeopardize the sale.If they buyer doesn’t receive mailed item within 10 days, sale may be jeopardized. All fine jewelry must be mailed to the corporate office for authentication before any sale is final. All appliances and or electrical items must be in good working condition. If the item is returned, no payout will be rewarded and ownership of item is forfeited. Check will be processed and mailed by the 25th day, of the following month. Consignor is responsible to notify ST.C of any address change. Consignor must cash the check within 180 days. Requests to replace lost checks will be honored however; the bank fee of $15-25 will be passed on to the consignor.

Ownership of Consigned Items

  1. The consignor retains ownership of all consigned items through the terms of the contract and understands that these items are not insured by ST.C and remain under the homeowner’s policy, up to the point of sale.
  2. Consignor may terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract. All items remain available for sale until contract expires. Consignor agrees to be available for 90 days while item is for sale. Consignor must notify ST.C if unavailable for 7 days or more. ST.C will remove item from web until consignor is available.
  3. ST.C may offer web sale with an additional percentage off all items at any time.
  4. For all consignment questions, contact us in AZ: 480-969-1121 or National: 855-969-1121