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picking the perfect chair

Picking The Perfect Chair

With so many options out there, determining what chair is right for you can be overwhelming. That’s why shop Terri’s has put together a few tips for picking the perfect chair. 

Tips for Picking the Perfect Chair

A chair should fit the body type of the person who is going to be using it most. For example, a larger person will require a larger chair, reclining chairs for older people should have a handle to make operation easier, and a wooden chair should sit solidly enough on the ground that it won’t sit slip out from under them when they try to stand.

Family room chairs that people will spend as much time sleeping in as watching television should be deep and comfortable. Chairs like this should be durable with great motion mechanisms. If you think food and drink will be consumed near the chair, try to pick something out that has an easy to clean fabric or a stain resistant upholstery. 

For chairs whose only job it is to look good in a room, appearance is more important than comfort., but don’t forget that it also needs to be functional. 

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