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Tufted Sofa

Furniture 101: The Tufted Sofa

The chesterfield sofa’s (tufted sofa) history is as rich and aristocratic as it’s namesake, the Earl of Chesterfield. Legend has it that in the 18th century, the Earl, who was very conscious of his appearance, wanted a piece of furniture that wouldn’t wrinkle his clothes. While the piece didn’t do what it was intended to do, it became iconic for it’s unique and stately design and inspiring a myriad of tufted spin-offs not just excluded to sofas. 

Today, tufted furniture pieces are timeless classics that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that add a nice element of texture and intrigue to a room. 


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how to recognize a quality mirror

How To Recognize A Quality Mirror

Mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can serve many purposes in a room. Mirrors can function as a place to view yourself, make a room look larger, make a room look brighter, or add a touch of character to a space. 

The cost of a mirror greatly depends on the quality and thickness of the mirror, and on the materials that construct the frame. Most quality mirrors are between 1/16 – inch and1/4 inch of float glass. The glass should be free from waves and imperfections. Larger mirrors should have thicker glass which helps make them more rigid and reduces the possibility of breaking. 

So, how can you recognize a quality mirror?

A cheap mirror will look flat and have poor color quality, while a quality mirror has depth and color and an accurate reflection. Take a quarter with you when you go mirror shopping. Lay the quarter against the surface of the mirror, there will be the appearance of 1.4-1/2 inch of space between the mirror and its reflection. With a low quality mirror, the quarter will appear to virtually lay on top of its reflection. 

reupholster your furniture

When Should You Reupholster Your Furniture?

Structurally sound, well made furniture can be expected to last through the original fabrics and at least one reupholstering. But not as much can be said for the fabric. No matter how carefully you select the fabric, eventually it will show wear and you will have to choose between reupholstering and buying new.

So the question arises: When should you reupholster your furniture and when should you buy new. 

Reupholstering can be expensive, with the cost for one chair landing between 200 and 800 dollars, depending on labor charges, the size of the piece, and the price of the fabric you choose. 

You may be able to purchase a new chair for a similar amount of money. But, if the original piece was more expensive, unique in it’s design, a good form, a style featuring an elaborate trim, or a favorite for whatever reason, reupholstery may be your best option. 


picking the perfect chair

Picking The Perfect Chair

With so many options out there, determining what chair is right for you can be overwhelming. That’s why shop Terri’s has put together a few tips for picking the perfect chair. 

Tips for Picking the Perfect Chair

A chair should fit the body type of the person who is going to be using it most. For example, a larger person will require a larger chair, reclining chairs for older people should have a handle to make operation easier, and a wooden chair should sit solidly enough on the ground that it won’t sit slip out from under them when they try to stand.

Family room chairs that people will spend as much time sleeping in as watching television should be deep and comfortable. Chairs like this should be durable with great motion mechanisms. If you think food and drink will be consumed near the chair, try to pick something out that has an easy to clean fabric or a stain resistant upholstery. 

For chairs whose only job it is to look good in a room, appearance is more important than comfort., but don’t forget that it also needs to be functional. 

ways to make old furniture look new

3 Ways To Make Old Furniture Look New

If you want to revamp a gently used piece of furniture these tips are for you!

3 Ways To Make Old Furniture Look New

1. Staining.

Stain wood tables and chairs. If you have an old solid wood piece of furniture, consider staining rather than painting it to show off the wood grain.

What you’re going to need: Sandpaper, wood conditioner, gloves, wood stain, soft cloth and polyurethane varnish.

2. Milk paint. 

The most natural type of paint on the market, milk paint actually made with milk. It comes in powder form and you mix up the paint yourself. It is nontoxic, comes in a wonderful range of customizable colors and works on unfinished or finished wood surfaces.

What you’re going to need: Buckets, stir sticks, paintbrushes and a drop cloth.

3. Reupholster. 

If you see a beautifully shaped piece older piece but don’t love the upholstery, never fear, that can all be changed. Taking on an upholstery project takes some DIY skills, but it can be done.

Tips: Depending on what you want to reupholster, you’re going to need different tools. Make sure you save the original fabric to use the pieces as a pattern in case you forget where they go. 

buying a sectional

Must Read Tips Before Buying a Sectional Sofa

Must Read Tips Before Buying a Sectional Sofa

Buying a sectional sofa is a big commitment. It’s a large piece of furniture that will get a lot of wear and tear in your home. Here are a view tips and pointers to check out before you dive in and buy a sectional for your place. 

Terms to know:

RAF: Right arm facing. When you’re facing the sectional the arm is on your right.

LAF: Left arm facing. When you’re facing the sectional the arm is on your left. 

Sectionals are usually made up of two or more pieces. The fewer the pieces usually means the smaller the sofa and the price. 

Don’t assume that a sectional is only a design solution for a large room. Sectionals can work in small rooms as well if the space is right for it. Sometimes a small narrow space is better with a sectional than trying to fit in a sofa and chairs. 

There are a bunch of different options you can choose from, the challenge is figuring out what’s right for your space. Take some measurements and determine how much space you have to work with. Remember that you need to leave room to easily walk around the sofa. Too much sofa in too little room is not a good thing.

If your TV is in the corner of the room a sectional can be a perfect solution. You can have a rounded or sharp cornered sectional. Just note that a rounded cornered sectional takes up more room than a sharp cornered one. 

Double chaises are another good option for family rooms where a lot of time will be spent on the sofa. It’s once to have room to stretch your legs out and the double chaises add a nice element of symmetry. 


Tips For Purchasing Framed Art

Tips For Purchasing Framed Art

When purchasing framed art, look for the following attributes: 

1. Wide frame moldings.

2. Double or tripple matting. 

3. Beveled glass. 

4. Fillets bordering either the frame or the print. 

Tips For Purchasing Framed Art

All of the qualities above will add to the quality and worth of a piece. So, how of  you determine the quality of a print?

Carry a magnifying glass with you to inspect your prospective art purchases. Upon such close examination, you will see that the smaller and closer together the dots are that make up the colors of the print, the higher the quality of the print. 

Furnishing Your Child's Room

Considerations For Furnishing Your Child’s Room

Children’s rooms should be a place where they can learn and play in addition to the normal functions of a bedroom. Consider the following when furnishing your child’s room. 


Make sure the room is properly furnished for the child who will occupy it. Consider things like door knobs, drawer pulls, and handles that are easy for small hands. Low beds that are easy to get in and out of. Doors are drawers that open easily. Shelves and counter tops that are low enough to reach. 


Look for safety features in your child’s furniture. Look for things like rounded corners, well-sanded surfaces, strong frames and fasteners, etc. Make sure your shelving and hutches will withstand the climbing weight of small bodies without tipping over. Look for drawers and doors with safety latches. Be sure your cribs and bed all comply with established safety standards. 


As children grow, their demands for furnishing will change. You may prefer to replace the furniture as your children grow, or you may want to invest in more flexible furniture they can grow with in the first place. If you opt for a themed room, it is more like you will have to do a major room makeover in the future. If you prefer to convert the room as your child grows, consider modular designs , as well as adjustable-height desks, chairs, and shelving. Keep in mind that changing  the color scheme is one of the easiest, least expensive, and most dramatic ways to customize a room. 




Accessorize Your Home

Things To Think About Before You Accessorize Your Home

Before you begin to accessorize, look at the rooms layout and consider how to complete the fundamental design is. Have you used the elements space, form, line, texture, and color properly? Space aside, there should be a dominant type of each element in the room, with others adding variety. Is there an element in the room, with the others adding variety. Is there a pleasing use of balance, emphasis, rhythm, variety/unity, proportion/scale? 

If some aspect feels lacking, your choice of accessories may provide an opportunity to correct that situation. Examine the basic room design and determine how accessories should be used to make your composition complete. 

Balance is often the major problem. Arranging the main furniture pieces to maximize their function often creates an imbalance in the room. This can be corrected through the use of eye-catching accessory displays the create visual equilibrium. Spotlighting a painting, sculpture, or grouping will give added weight, if that’s needed. 

Entertainment Center

What Makes A Quality Entertainment Center?

Regardless of style or price, a well-designed entertainment center should have adequate shelf space for all audio/visual components. As well as providing optimal space for neatly and easily accessing each components wiring, and allow for adequate space for speakers or whatever else you may want to include. 

Like all other well-constructed pieces of furniture, entertainment centers should sit solidly on the floor and contain even, well-finished, and securely attached shelving. Any glass shelving should be well attached, level, well supported, and thick enough to withstand weight without breaking. Drawers and doors should be well-built, opening and closing easily.