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buying a sectional

Must Read Tips Before Buying a Sectional Sofa

Must Read Tips Before Buying a Sectional Sofa

Buying a sectional sofa is a big commitment. It’s a large piece of furniture that will get a lot of wear and tear in your home. Here are a view tips and pointers to check out before you dive in and buy a sectional for your place. 

Terms to know:

RAF: Right arm facing. When you’re facing the sectional the arm is on your right.

LAF: Left arm facing. When you’re facing the sectional the arm is on your left. 

Sectionals are usually made up of two or more pieces. The fewer the pieces usually means the smaller the sofa and the price. 

Don’t assume that a sectional is only a design solution for a large room. Sectionals can work in small rooms as well if the space is right for it. Sometimes a small narrow space is better with a sectional than trying to fit in a sofa and chairs. 

There are a bunch of different options you can choose from, the challenge is figuring out what’s right for your space. Take some measurements and determine how much space you have to work with. Remember that you need to leave room to easily walk around the sofa. Too much sofa in too little room is not a good thing.

If your TV is in the corner of the room a sectional can be a perfect solution. You can have a rounded or sharp cornered sectional. Just note that a rounded cornered sectional takes up more room than a sharp cornered one. 

Double chaises are another good option for family rooms where a lot of time will be spent on the sofa. It’s once to have room to stretch your legs out and the double chaises add a nice element of symmetry. 


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Tips for decorating older homes.

Tips for Decorating Older Homes

Tips for Decorating Older Homes

1. Paint everything!

Use paint to cover up things you want to hide and to enhance things you want to draw attention to. If the trim in your home is particularly beautiful, paint it in a glossier shade of the paint you used for the ceiling and walls. Or, paint it a contrasting neutral color to really make it stand out. 

2. Highlight stained glass. 

If you’re lucky to have a stained glass window somewhere in  your home, draw attention to it. Paint the surrounding walls all white to make the window pop. Or, go in the opposite direction and use wall paper in geometric shapes. Make sure the geometric shapes are corresponding to those in the stained glass. 

3. Keep the furniture modern with clean lines. 

Old fashioned furniture in an old home can feel stuffy and traditional. Contemporary furniture that’s not overly modern can lighten up a space without taking away attention from the architecture. To add character mix contemporary furniture with period pieces. it will give your home a sense of history and personality. 

4. Add furniture pieces that weathered. 

Adding a few weathered pieces can add character and charm to an older home. Consignment shops are a great place to look for older pieces with a lot of personality. One of two of these pieces in a room can really tie  look together. 


Tips For Using Patterns In Decorating

Tips For Using Patterns In Decorating

Well placed patterns can make all the difference in a room.  Whether it be in an ottoman, chair, pillows, or sofa, patterns can add the punch that totally transform your space. here are some tips for using patterns.

Tips For Using Patterns In Decorating

Sometimes a room just needs one striking statement. One piece with an animal print or a print in a bold color can completely change the feel of a room. 

A chair upholstered in a fabric with a pattern that pops is a way to incorporate a big pattern in a small way. 

Use accent pieces in multiple patterns in the same colors is a way to create an interesting  common theme throughout the room without being “matchy-matchy”.

A pair of matching club chairs in a pretty pattern adds a nice touch to a room without being overbearing. 

Two patterned chairs at the head of a dining table work well to create a little drama in a formal room. 


Home Design Tips

5 Must-Read Home Design Tips

Furnishing and decorating your place can be an overwhelming task. Use our easy to follow home design tips to turn your house into your dream home. 


1. What’s on the outside counts. 

Your front door is the first thing people see. Don’t neglect it. Frame the door with some pretty potted plants. If you have room, get a bench and some garden stools for hanging out outside on nice days. 

2. Rely on symmetry. 

Even if you aren’t a professional interior designer you can still learn to think like one. Use symetrical pieces that aren’t too matchy-matchy. Like two chairs of the same style but different patterns across from the couch. Avoid jaunty angles and create clean smooth lines with your furniture.

3. Go big when it comes to art.

Using large art to decorate a wall is just as powerful a statement as a piece of furniture. Also, large art adds a modern pop of color to the room.

4. Don’t shy away from color.

Using bold colors can really invigorate a room. If you can, try to include a little bit of the same color from room to room to maintain visual continuity.

5. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. 

Your bedroom should be somewhere you can completely relax and unwind in. Accentuate beautiful furniture with cozy linens and warm lighting. Make it functional for your lifestyle. If you read it bed, get some quality reading lamps. 

Office and Dining Room Combined

Double Duty Dining Rooms: Office and Dining Room Combined

The dining room is a prime location for work or reading. The dining room is usually the least used room in the house, with the biggest table space. So why not make your dining room a  double duty dining room.

Double Duty Dining Rooms: Office and Dining Room Combined

  • Consider adding bookshelves along the walls. It’s a great place to showcase your leather bounds and favorite nicknacks. 
  • Often times the homes valuables (special art, china, etc) are displayed in the dining room. So why not spend more time in there? 
  • Add a cozy chair or two in a corner and the room can be used as a library as well. 

Furniture for the Foot of Your Bed

If your room has the space, a piece of furniture at the foot of your bed can be both pretty and functional. Here are some tips for furniture for the foot of your bed. 

1. A trunk: Dual functioning makes trunks ideal for extra storage and table space. Keep extra blankets inside and books on the outside. 

2. Tea table: A small tea table can look great at the foot of a bed and provides a surface for flowers, small valuables, or books. 

3. A low bench: Benches are one of the more common furniture options to anchor a bed. A typical seat height for a low sitting bench is 17 to 19 inches. A narrow depth of about 16 to 20 inches is best. An upholstered or wooden bench is the perfect place to tie shoelaces or throw a blanket on.

4. A desk: If you have a lack of space and could really use a desk, consider adding one at the foot of your bed. Try to find a piece with open space underneath to easily tuck a tool underneath. 

5. A two chair seating area: Two chairs not only look great, but of course provide a cozy area for kicking your feet up or reading a book. OK, full disclosure: I have been known to throw clothes on a chair as a temporary hamper.


how to furnish a small icing room

How to Furnish Small Living Rooms

You can pack a lot of style into a small space. Making a living room work is about choosing the right furniture in the right configuration. Here are some tips on how to furnish small living rooms to make your space exceptional, regardless of size 

If you have a fireplace, make it the center focus of the room. You don’t have to have all furniture facing it for it to be the focus, but arrange the furniture around the fireplace in an arch, rectangle, circle, or oval. 

Embrace the classic combo.  Two chairs and a sofa will make for a cozy living room in any space. Just be sure you have space to easily get up and move around the coffee table. 

Go small. There is no reason a love seat can’t be the main sofa. 

Use an open-backed chaise. An open-backed chaise will provide seating while creating a sense of openness but still remaining cozy.  

Use an untraditional coffee table. Forgo the traditional coffee table for two end tables placed side by side, garden stools, or an ottoman. 


Versatile Pieces of Furniture

5 Versatile Pieces of Furniture for Any Home

Some pieces of furniture are more versatile than others. Check out 5 versatile pieces of furniture that will work in any home. 

1. The console table. 

Narrow and high profile, a console table will work well in an entry or behind a sofa. It makes a great base for a lamp or mirror. Console tables about 33-35 inches high are ideal for behind sofas. 

2. A game table. 

While a game table might not sound like a necessity,  you can do some much more at it than play cards. Round game tables work well for extra space during a dinner party, or for doing homework after school. 

3. A pair of chairs. 

You’ll never regret having that extra pair of chairs. They can fill empty corners, serve as extra seating for dinner parties, are great for moving in front of the fire, or by the door as a seat to tie your shoes. 

4. The bench. 

Their is always a place for a bench. Benches look pretty anchoring the foot of a bed, by the door, behind a sofa, or even in place of a coffee table. 

5. A chest of drawers. 

Dressers aren’t just for bedrooms anymore. They work equally as well in entryways or as vanities in powder rooms. 

buying fabrics

The Basics of Buying Fabric Furniture

Before you buy fabric furniture it’s important to determine what fabric is best for your lifestyle. Knowing what to expect from a fabric will help you decide what’s best for your home. 

The Basics of Buying Fabric Furniture

  • Cotton is widely used, versatile, and economical. It does soil easily, so consider having your cotton furniture treated with a soil protector. 
  • Linen us not widely used as an upholstered fabric because it tends to wrinkle, but it is seen in prints and contemporary fabrics. 
  • Silk is luxurious but relatively fragile. Silk can be long-wearing but is not a good choice for high-traffic homes. 
  • Wool is versatile and a high-quality, good-wearing fabric that cleans and wears well. It is often blended with other fabrics to increase the design opportunities. 


ways to use an armoire

5 Ways To Use An Armoire

There is no such thing as too much storage space. Especially when it comes in the form of a beautifully crafted armoire or hutch. Here are 5 great things they can do:

1. Hide linens and bedding. The wide shelves of an armoire are perfect for storing blankets and linens. Consider using one in your spare bedroom so guests don’t have to hunt or ask for extra towels etc. 

2. Store you favorite serving pieces. Sometimes cabinets aren’t tall enough for pitchers and vases. And it’s nice to have a separate area for your most beloved trays, pitchers, bowels, etc. 

3. Replace a closet. Large wardrobes are a beautiful alternative to a closet – or an extension of a painfully small closet. 

4. Store your best clothes. Having a specific area for your Sunday best can be useful. Keep your day to day clothes in your closet and your special occasion outfits in your armoire. 

5. Add warmth to a room. A beautifully stained wooden armoire will instantly add warmth and charm to any room.